Greetings from Ruth in Melbourne Downunder. I love Melbourne, it's a gracious old city, and the hilly views from my home in Eltham inspire me through daylight and darkness too. The sky, clouds and the Southern Cross at night are my treasures. Eucalypts aplenty and native wildlife are around me. I invite you to watch my Pets Care page as it develops. Nature and sustainability are very precious to me. Formerly I was a Scientist with the Government's Department of Sustainability and Environment, so as well as Bees and Honey, I aim for wellness and healing, everywhere. Enjoy beewisetherapies.com with me.

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. I'm a Massage Therapist who enjoys upgrading and using many massage techniques and methods, while specialising in Remedial Massage Therapy. The relief and strength experienced by my patients tells me that my techniques are helpful. I know this because they tell me so. Science and my professional colleagues communicate regularly with new research and developments as we work together with people all Health professions.

My interest in good health, fitness and well being is a message I want to share with you as this new site develops. I look forward to sharing your experiences. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return soon.


Music is used widely by Music Therapists

whose special skills are used widely in Education and Mobility classes for many people. RHYTHM, an essential in life, is particularly enjoyable and useful in places such as Drum Groups. Music and specially designed therapeutic instruments can enrich friendships while developing trust and physical co-ordination. Here is a fine example where an Australian instrument carved from nature, the Didgeridoo is in use. Many visitors to Australia select a Didgeridoo to take home as an aboriginal artefact. Here it is used for communication and music/health/fitness therapy in a delightful way. ..

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