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Greetings from Ruth in Melbourne Downunder. I love Melbourne, it is a gracious, most liveable city, and I love home in its nearby hills too. Fragrant Eucalypts aplenty and native wildlife surround me. Sky colours, sunrise and sunset, weather clouds and Southern Cross Stars at night are my treasures. Now qualified as a Remedial Massage Therapist, I aim for good health for all. Health Matters, Massage Therapy and Remedial Therapeutic Massage are my profession, and wise practices for living on our planet are my concerns. To work in Healing as a career has always been a goal for me, now realised. I want to share this experience widely so this website is my way to share it with you.

Formerly my career was located as a Scientist with the Victorian Government's Department of Sustainability and Environment. There I was involved with Fisheries and Wildlife research. Those interests are still important to me and I share time with colleagues in Animals and Pets' Health organisations, working towards wellness and healing, everywhere.

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I'm a Massage Therapist qualified in a variety of treatment methods. My specialty is Remedial Massage Therapy. Relief from pain and freedom of movement make an active, enjoyable life possible. This is my objective for my patients' health, and their progress to an energetic, active lifestyle is important to me.

My interest in good health, fitness and wellbeing is my message for you through this website.



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Find me at beewisetherapies@gmail.com

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Find me at beewisetherapies@gmail.com

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