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APRIL brings EASTER MUSIC NEWS. Prepare some of the finest Classical Music ever written.

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Downunder ANZAC DAY - 25TH April - follows the great music of Holy week and Eastertide, by honouring lives of those fallen in War. Appropriate music is available for solemn recognition of sacrifice. SONGS from those years reflect the emotions of those who served as well as their families at home, and Internet can provide instant access, if you are looking for music, lyrics and words. Visit many Musical Instrument and Sheet Music suppliers who ship globally, often with free shipping. Wherever you are, Quicklinks and Direct Links from this site lead to Suppliers of Musical Instruments, Music Requisites and Sheet Music.

Musicians worldwide have access here to Special APRIL discounts for Orchestral and Choral printed music, pro audio, music performance and education ideas and requisites. THE BOOK DEPOSITORY links here lead to the World's Library of Musical knowledge. Share, Like and Follow these links for direct ordering.

Musical Groups will find direct shopping, fast friendly service and often free deliveries worldwide. Sales and specials are researched regularly and updated for you.

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THE BOOK DEPOSITORY is the best site for books and that includes books about many fields of music.Search Musical Therapy, Musical History-Orchestras, Rock Music,Beatles, Musical Composers, Musical Theory, Biographies - Musical, and many other Musical Categories. Link for Current special prices ,reviews,availability advice and friendly service.Free delivery worldwide.

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Alfred's Beginning Folk Favourites - Early Piano Duets is recommended for young players. Sharing the song playing helps counting and confidence, and is an early experience of ensemble playing. Solo practice can be very lonely and sharing music is an important part of art.

BABIES LOVE MUSICAL SOUNDS. Family voices can be beautiful as language and sounds are heard. Musical sounds have meaning for all, regardless of age. There is a world of sound to be explored. Making musical sounds creates interesting audio experience while baby is absorbing language. Here is a source for musical toys and ideas which your baby will enjoy. Ideal gifts. Visit Musicbestbuys on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for up to date news for Babies, and beginners of all ages too.


Special Offers now. Scientific Research is rapidly proving benefits of Musical contact for Babies, who experience music prior to birth. Musical Therapists know the value of Music involvement and are proving it daily.Facebook page Musicbestbuys features current,generously shared professional case studies and strategies for students, parents,therapists and teachers.Black Bear Therapies and Australian Association of Music Therapists can be followed there.


APRIL SPECIALS APLENTY as WEST MUSIC feature a month of guitar specials, and Ukelele teaching sessions. WEST MUSIC fosters music involvement at every opportunity. Music Students, Parents of children in School Music, and Music Therapy, visit their page and blog for up to date news, ideas, and good value for instruments, music lessons, music teachers, activities and groups. Link to musicians in many fields. Follow their site for further specials.

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MUSICAL INSTRUMENT STUDY Suppliers Sales advertised here can help you with Musical Instruments, Requisites and Music Room Supplies.


...today are a vital tool for music, listening, and communication. headphones personalise listening, group teaching of musical instruments,recording and mixing. Headphones link audio to electronic and digital musical instruments, computers,iphones,teachers,and internet. Varied styles and quality are available. Headphones link you to YOUTUBE the audio and visual stage for global arts, information, music and many other fields of knowledge. Try the Music Therapy Songs Videos there as one example. 'Body parts' to help Autistic Children, or select your favourite music style. MUSIC TEACHING METHODS shared with many teachers is exciting.

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Amplifying, Recording, CD, DVD, and Video producing are vital techniques for musicians. Equipment for publicising your own events and concerts or using YouTube channels are available through Affiliated sites. Sample microphones shown are available for direct ordering.



Sheet music for all music ensembles is available,some with free download. Fast Delivery-free in many instances, from Virtual Sheet Music, Sheet Music Plus,Music Notes and other sources - is linked here.

VIOLINISTS Good news for you from VIRTUAL SHEET MUSIC. A special Violin Package of Sheet Music is currently available. It is a Library for top quality study and most played performance repertoire. Prices begin at $99-usually priced at $199. Multi Media Filesfor practice and study are included. Link to view and order this sheet music offer,you won't be disappointed.

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Joannes Roose conducts the Melbourne Sinfonia - RCH Auxiliaries Concert 2012. We are very proud to be the only Hospital Orchestra in Victoria, as an Auxiliary of the Royal Childrens Hospital,Melbourne.




See my Facebook Musicbestbuys.There you will find articles relating to many facets of Music. Teachers, Music Therapists, Professional insights and strategies for Technique,Group and Solo Performance,Music Education, and Events.

digital and acoustic Instruments, pro audio, music reviews, musical instrument Sales, promotions, and sheet music. Musicians, music students, music performers and music educators will find here news of best value and quality products.

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Exciting results from Research in Canada are reported in SCIENCE NEWS. First Evidence That Musical Training Affects Brain Development In Young Children Sep. 20, 2006. Researchers have found the first evidence that young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year compared to children who do not receive musical training.Click on above SCIENCE NEWS for full report. MUSIC THERAPISTS are documenting strategies where music has proven successful in dealing with conditions such as Autism. Follow these themes on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Musicbestbuys



here for you in one site there is full range of musical instruments and requisites. I experience and respect highly the value of musical instrument study, participation and performance as a whole of life pleasure and personal benefit and want to share this with you.

Many friends have told me they are returning to the musical pursuits they played or sang before their busy lives left no time for music. To replace, repair or buy a new instrument may be your plan, so opportunities exist on this page to help you find your product and helpful contacts. Sharing your music skills with others, and people who reside in caring homes and hospitals is a fine reason for practising your skills too. I can recommend this.

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Consider supporting calls from organisations such as the VMTA to promote Music Programs in all levels of Music Education, K-12 years. WHEREVER YOU LIVE Search for accredited Music Teachers or advice from your local Music Teachers Association.


Visit the MUSICIANS UNION OF VICTORIALink to see the benefits and protection provided for Musicians. I have received excellent advice recently regarding an accident insurance claim. Working in unfamiliar circumstances brings many hazards, and help is available when needed. Excellent service is provided.


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Promoting music education and performance for all age groups.

"The spirit of music is great enough to include all of us, whether scholars,composers,clowns or vagabond minstrels."

Walter Starkie(1894-)'Raggle Taggle'1933



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