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Where in the World is your Music happening? Which space is resonating for you?

Is it just from a tiny phone speaker,headphones, an Audio, Video CD/DVD Computer Device, Synthesizer, your own voices and instruments at home,Great Learning Institutions, at campfires or Folk/Rock Music events perhaps?

Holiday season has ended now, so look for useful offers as serious planning for 2015 begins.Global great deals for Musical Products are here, so wherever you live we are here to help your search. Enthusiastic Music Teachers are welcoming new and returning students and music will bring many together to play and hear very special sounds. Music Room requisites, Instruments, Class sets of methods,strategies and creative suggestions. 'Musical Education Ideas' is a page especially edited for you, a free service with links to great useful, ideas. Visit now to see the newest trends in educational technology and tools for Music Educators and Teachers.

Does your music bring space to life in historic, beautiful buildings such as Cathedrals, Opera houses, Civic Halls and Arts Centres ,Festivals, or Open Air Music Bowls?

Is your music an ancient ethnic, mainly vocal tradition, accompanied by instruments carved from nature?

Whatever you require to make your music happen can be found from Links to this page which is designed as a centre to encourage music making for everyone, everywhere, if they wish it.

What kind of building or space will fill with your unique music sounds? Is it one of these? You will find interesting ideas and all your needs through links at this site. Take a few minutes to link to suppliers for all your needs from here.

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Whatever would Captain James Cook, the great British Navigator make of Sydney,Australia today?

Among all those who contributed to the history of this country Captain Cook will be remembered with great honour and affection. The famous icon of the Harbour Bridge, and beside it the Opera House - a centre for Music in our largest city. He would be proud of the Music Educators who remember our Musical Heritage and pave the way for the future. As Back to School tasks of 2015 are under way and our Academic first semester starts, enthusiastic music teachers are taking classes and new groups on an exciting journey of culture. Every need - musical instruments, sheet music, electronic and digital music, downloads, and creativity ideas are here. Take a few minutes to find your music here..

Northern WINTER MUSIC brings the concert season and music study commitments well established, so follow the best offers here for study, performance or listening. From planning to presentation, useful leads for your musical needs from the world's best firms ensure quality service, inspiration, ideas, and great, at times free, shipping deals.

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Teachers - Exciting PINTEREST pages are useful, amazing and fast developing with pages of strategies, methods and products. MUSIC EDUCATION IDEAS will help you, so visit the latest posts chosen for you. The BOOK NEWS PAGE for the printed word is researched for you as well. Find new developments in the use of TECHNOLOGY in Music Education and YOUTUBE for educational purposes. Music Teachers and Administrators, there are amazing insights here! Regular visits are recommended highly.

Young students at all levels will love the links now available on the 'Music Education Ideas' page. Share, Teach, Learn, Play, sing,dance, and read Music this way. Develop educational programs and activities, rapidly. Technology is bringing immediate Music Education to your home, so complement the school music experience and use home hours to make music a shared family experience.

Away from the Classroom, explore amazing posts and strategies for joy in playing, singing, dancing and recording. MUSIC enriches life for people in every land. It benefits health, confidencce, well being,, therapy for disablement, and friendly sharing as well as general study abilities. A gift for all to join in and share.

HOME is where the maximum time for MUSIC GROWTH AND INVOLVEMENT can be experienced. Families can share music happily. I urge you to visit Pinterest without delay for these great Music Education Ideas.

This interesting gallery of pins by top teachers for interactive,happy music making is increasing daily, so please enjoy, like and follow this page. Musicians and Educators are sharing generously their schoolroom aids, strategies,videos and more to encourage musical ability, expression and enjoyment.

This PINTEREST Music Board 'Music Education Ideas' is a pictorial gallery of Links from Teachers,Publishers,Artists, Educational Aid providers. Are you looking for Methods, Strategies,Presentations, Lessons, Teaching Aids perhaps? These are top quality, useful, interesting and beautiful, creative presentations. Hundreds of Triggers for knowledge in all elements of music. Latest news re Tablet use in the Classroom have been pinned.

Another PINTEREST Board - 'BOOK NEWS' is for Readers. MUSIC, EDUCATION, HISTORY AND THERAPY BOOKS are included from top publishers. Music History, Literature, Composers, Music Dictionaries, Musicians, Choirs, Orchestras, Ensembles, Bands, Celebrities and many more categories. Creative, up to the minute sites for you to pin share and follow.

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Regular Contact with Music Therapists brings amazing discussions of Research, Strategies, Physical, Behavioural and Cognitive benefit through Musical Activities. Integration of students with learning difficulties means Schoolteachers will appreciate shared strategies with dedicated Therapists, and links are here. Generous sharing of lessons, methods,forums and discussions are included in the PINTEREST Board 'Music Education Ideas' and MUSIC AS THERAPY page in Facebook. Linked In and Google+ as well.


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"The spirit of music is great enough to include all of us, whether scholars, composers, clowns or vagabond minstrels."

Walter Starkie(1894-)'Raggle Taggle'1933


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Encores! - Great Performances at the Met Dessay, Flórez, Beczala, Fleming, DiDonato, Pape, Domingo, Garanca, Netrebko, Hvorostovsky, Terfel, Damrau, and more in 18 dazzling performances – extraordinary moments from the Met's global Live in HD cinema transmissions. $14.99 (DVD) – New Release!

Corelli: La Follia / Petri, Esfahani A Gramophone Editor's Choice! It's rare to experience the level of artistic rapport heard on this recording. Petri's recorder conveys a more vocal interpretation of thematic material than ever a violin could. Esfahani crafts the most imaginative and engaging accompaniments and repartee. $13.99 – New Release!

Stravinsky: Works for Piano & Orchestra / Bavouzet After having won the Gramophone Award in 2014 for his recording of Prokofiev’s five piano concertos, Jean-Efflam Bavouzet explores the complete works for piano and orchestra of another great Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky.$14.99 – New Release.

Rameau: Hippolyte et Aricie / Lyon, Karg, Christie A riotous yet sophisticated production led by French Baroque master William Christie. Lyon, Karg, Connolly, and Degout all give standout performances. – The New York Times Also on Blu-ray $22.99 – 2-DVD Set!

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Brahms: Complete Choral Works A set gathering acclaimed recordings of Brahms's unaccompanied choral music – motets, part-songs, canons, and folksong settings – as well as the choral works with orchestra, including a superb rendering of A German Requiem. $22.99– 7-Disc Set!

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See more great deals in our Winter Clearance Sale! Schumann, Debussy / Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli First-time releases of a live performance of the Schumann Piano Concerto with the Orchestre de Paris under Daniel Barenboim and four of the Debussy Images captured during a pause in the setup for a television show. Limited stock! $3.99 – 75% Off List Price! Our sale on the label of the San Francisco Symphony ends Monday! (Clearance sale ends 2/16. All sales end at midnight ET on their respective dates.)


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Scientific Research is proving benefits of Musical contact for Babies, who experience music prior to birth. Facebook pagesMusic as Therapy and Musicbestbuys feature current, generously shared professional case studies,strategies and education for students, parents,therapists and teachers.BACK MOUNTAIN THERAPIES regularly contribute strategies and insights. Associations of Music Therapists also contribute there.

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MY WORDPRESS BLOG My early introduction to the wonderful world of J S Bach, Pipe Organs, Choirs, Music in Space, Parishes and Cathedrals links to 'Val's Early Blog' sidebar.



Music performance and study is a whole of life pleasure, to be shared.

Many are returning to Music after busy careers left little time for involvement. Click Banners or products to order from quality suppliers of instruments and print music. Try some 'NEW TRICKS'? - There are tons of them to enjoy.


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Richard von Weizsaecker, who died Saturday aged 94, was the first president of a reunited Germany and played a leading role in helping the country face up to its Nazi past. Germany's current President Joachim Gauck...[more]

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